Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Massappeal - Nobody Likes A Thinker

Australian Hardcore from the good old 80's. Heavy, Fast, Thrashtastic. Never would have thought there was even a hardcore scene in Australia until i heard these guys. Check it out if you like hardcore in general since their style ranges from straight forward hardcore, to slow and heavy, to almost Powerviolence speeds on this record. To put it simply its awesome.

Nobody Likes A Thinker

Crucial Cause - Blood Money EP

Latest and greatest from Bay Area Hardcore Heroes, Crucial Cause. Thrashier than their other stuff but just as awesome. Sounds like NYHC had a beautiful musical offspring with West Coast Thrash. Theres a sweet Agnostic Front cover at the end too. Definitely check it out if you like their other record.

Break It Down